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Amsterdam bringing music lovers together

How Amsterdam Dance Event brings you everything you need to love music even more

Lynn Hagen

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If you’re a resident in The Netherlands, there’s almost no way that you haven’t heard of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). Even if you’re not a Dutch citizen, you’ve probably heard of it. ADE is an electronic music platform and it’s known as the biggest club festival in the world for electronic music. During the annual festival, Amsterdam turns into one of the biggest, busiest and most fun clubbing locations in the world. If you are reading this article now, you’re just one day too late to be a part of the festivities for this year. But if you’re a music lover, there are plenty of reasons why you should visit next year.

The festival has about 300 events and just around 2000 different DJ’s in 80 different locations. All these events and parties are spread out over five days, so there is enough to see. Not only is it a great time to have fun, if you’re really into music, it is also the perfect time and place to discover new and/or upcoming artists. Around the city, musical performances, roof-top terraces and pop up ‘concerts’ are being held, where a lot of new talent has a chance to show off what they can do. This new talent can also be spotted headlining the different parties in the clubs. So if you don’t know where to look for new music anymore, just go to an ADE party and you’ll probably find 3 new artists of your liking.

Next to the new names that can be discovered during ADE, the biggest DJ’s of the world are also being flown in to headline different events. Especially, the big Dutch names in the DJ world clear their schedules just to be able to be a part of this amazing event. Apparently they even have a group on WhatsApp. Thus this festival is your best chance to see all your favorite DJ’s without having to pay for 12 different concerts.

Even if you don’t want to go for just the music, ADE offers all kinds of events, grouped under the name ADE Playground. This is a unique (music and dance related of course) lifestyle program, where film screenings, art shows, exhibitions, music hardware presentations, fashion offers, talks shows and other promotional activities are being held throughout the city. Therefore, you have to chance to get to know the artist behind the music or even the producing behind your favorite track and/or artist. This, you can also get to learn in the different conferences during ADE.

As I already mentioned, you’re just a little too late for this year’s ADE. But I think I just gave you enough reasons to definitely visit next year!

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