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Hidden Gems

Three artists to check out before they grow massive.

Thomas Middag

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Daniel Docherty

Started out busking in the streets of Glasgow the Scottish singer-songwriter has certainly learned how to impress an audience. After the crowdfunded release of his first EP 'This holy fire', the follow-up EP 'Life is what you make of it' is almost here. This EP was produced by Ian Grimble, who has previously worked with artists such as Bear's Den, Matt Corby, Mumford and Sons and many others. With his impressive percussive guitar style he has won enough Dutch hearts to sell out Paradiso, Amsterdam to release his coming EP. If you like singer-songwriters who also know how to play guitar in an incredible way, make sure you check this guy out!

Blind Pilot

Blind Pilot is an indie folk band from Portland, Oregon. Originally Blind Pilot started out as a duo for their debut album '3 Rounds and a sound' to later add four touring members in 2009. With a Facebook followers amount of almost 120.000, they are not really that unknown, however in Europe, their name will probably not ring a bell for too many people. The charm of the music of Blind Pilot really is in the simplicity, suitable for any relaxing occasion, but fits best with the atmosphere of a rainy autumn day. To promote their third album 'And then like lions', they are currently touring the U.S. to later on hit the European pop venues.

Max Jury

The track record of Max Jury is already quite impressing, touring with Lana del Rey and his self-titled debut album features musicians who have worked with the likes of Alicia Keys and D'Angelo. His style can be described as a mix of soul, americana, gospel, blues and pop. The first single from the album Numb was featured in romantic drama 'Me before you', which automatically became his most successful song. Currently Jury is working in his second album in London, so you would have to wait a while to see him live, check the official video for my personal favourite by Max Jury below!

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